Sambal Shrimp Nyonya

Do you enjoy Malaysian food or have yet to try this delicious cuisine? I recently found a great spot for it with killer lunch specials. Nyonya is located on Grand Street kind of where Little Italy and Chinatown’s lines blur. Malaysian dishes are similar to Thai if you have not had it before, but has it’s own distinct flavors. If you love heat and mango’s you will especially like it. I went for lunch and had a tough time choosing from the huge selection of entrees served with rice, many of them with Shrimp for just $6.96(Hunter Hint: for an extra $.50 go Coconut rice)

After much deliberation between the Mango Shrimp, Sambal Shrimp, and the Nasi Lemak (a rice dish cooked in Coconut Milk and spices) I chose the Sambal since it’s my litmus test for Malaysian cuisine. Of note, dishes marked with a hot pepper for spicy are spicy. I normally have to order it hot and say I’ve been to SE Asia to get it this hot. The lunch specials comes with a daily soup to start. The day I went it was a Chicken Broth that was tasty, thought more of what I would expect in a Jewish Deli.

The Sambal as stated was packing some heat and came with a fair amount of shrimp. The ginger, chili peppers, savory fish paste, garlic, and lime danced across my tongue. The Coconut rice was amazing and really added to the spices in the Sambal sauce. The space is fairly large with brick walls and wooden tables with cool H backed chairs. Just note, have some patience, service is pleasant but so-so. I’ll be back to work my way through this menu…

Nyonya is located at 199 Grand Street


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