Soup Dumplings
Do you love Soup Dumplings? I have a spot for you. In Chinatown on Bayard a street loaded with very good Chinese restaurants Old Sichuan Cuisine was a place I had yet to hit. While I was sketching a picture at a lunch counter a girl commented on it and we struck up a conversation that led to what we do, food and Best of spots. She shared that she and her very picky Aunt of Chinese decent find the Soup Dumplings at Old Sichuan Cuisine the most authentic they’ve found in the states. I of course had to investigate.

Instead of ordering the Pork and Crab that I usually get I just got the Pork ones. I figured if these are so good, lets she how they do without the crab boost. They also have an awesome lunch special for only $4-5.95 that gets you an entree from a very large selection, soup(hot and sour of egg drop) and rice. The Soup Dumplings lived up to my expectations, they were great. Of note, if you’ve never had soup in dumplings before here are a few helpful hints;

When they arrive wait for them to stop steaming…or you will burn the roof of your mouth

Don’t wait too long…though, you don’t want them to go cold

Poke a hole in them to help cool them down, slurp some soup out…eat the rest

Enjoy one of life’s pleasures

The Hot and Sour soup was spot on and the Spicy Diced Chicken came with some pretty serious hot peppers. The type you don’t eat unless you’re a fire breathing Dragon. For you Soup Dumpling lovers you may just want to add this to your list as well as Best of Lunch specials.

Old Sichuan

Old Sichuan CuisineĀ  is located at 65 Bayard


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