Murray Hill has a great new spot in Eons on second Avenue. Eons serves Greek food like at the popular Salad Bowl joints. You choose from a;

Base: Pita, rice bowl or salad bowl

Protein -Octopus, Shrimp and Lamb are among the choices(there is a veggie option)

Salad Toppings: that include Chickpeas, Beets, and Lima beans, Greek Salad

Spread, Hummus, Feta Cheese, Tzatziki

and then(you thought you were done?:) salad toppings(traditional Greek). I enjoyed the Lamb with the Greek Salad and beets topped with feta spread my fist time and chicken with beets and the Eons salad(faro, cucumber, mint, parsley) with Tzatziki the next. Of note after you choose everything you can then add all the toppings that make up a Greek salad as well. So keep that I mind when choosing your toppings and spreads. To drink bottled water and Boylans(some of my fave) sodas in bottles or even better if staying via the fountain.

Service is fast and friendly and it’s a nice clean minimalist space. Eons offers a great healthy and reasonable priced spot to the neighborhood and it’s located right by the NYSC for an after workout meal or a great quick meal before catching a flick at the AMC Lowes Kips Bay 15 down and across the street.

Eons is located at 633 2nd Avenue 


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