The Little Beet

The Little Beet

  I recently started working on a number of projects in the Rock Center area. While there are plenty of great restaurants in the area, many are pretty pricey and are full sit down meals which I don’t have as much time for lately. However, after some exploration I have found a number of great spots that include healthy Salad spots, Korean, Indian and West Chinese food along with awesome Grilled Cheese sandwiches and Bagels with Lox.

Breakfast and Coffee

Simon Sips–  Counter Culture Coffee and a great selection of baked goods that include Half bagels with Lox from Russ & Daughters, Croissants, Muffins, and Rugelach .1185 Ave of Am via the courtyard

Pret a Manger- Good cup of coffee and large variety of breakfast items to choose from. They added egg sandwiches and burritos recently which was huge. Of course, great selection of fresh and tasty sandwiches for lunch…though of note, these are Euro sized not typical American Deli. 1350 Avenue of the Americas

Bouchon Bakery– I need this by my office like a whole in the head. Very good coffee and phenomenal baked goods. I break down for their rather large sized cookies…though eat them in 2-3 sittings. 1 Rockefeller Plaza

Magnolia Bakery  – ditto on this one. I really like their Magic Bars in addition to their Cupcakes. Good coffee…lines here can get crazy and they need another register.
1240 Avenue of the Americas


Chop’t – One of my fave Salad spots with locations around the city. The Cobb is epic. Awesome selection of dressings. 145 W 51st St

The Little Beet – This has become one of my new go to spots. One of the best combos of Healthy, nutritious and delicious I know. You choose a protein(chicken, steak, salmon , tofu) and have it over sides(Quinoa w/beets, Grilled Kale. Lentils w/pecans and avocado ,Greek salad, Broccoli, Soba Noodles with cabbage and mint, for example) salad or brown rice. Seating available. 12-2 this place gets packed.Pressed juices, Coffee, Strawberry Lime Mint Spa water to drink.135 West 50th Street

New York Kimchi– Very good Korean, I really like their spicy and sour Kimchi Jigae(kimchi stew soup with pork.) Bibimbap in bowls to go. 16 W 48th Street

Kum Gang San– Kimchi’s sister restaurant located downstairs with service and table eating. The Seafood Jigae is very good. Down here the lunch special includes the usual Korean little multitude of sides plates. 16 W 48th Street

Graso Grill – Burgers my buds meant Picante , I went Wasabi (radish, Parmesan, arugula, Wasabi cream, side of  onion rings. 16 E 48th Street (Street Level)

Kitto– located upstairs. Noodle soups, Rice Bowls, Bibimbap, Buns(Pork Belly, Short Rib, etc). I like their spicy Ramen. Seating available. 16 E 48th Street

Emporium Brazil – On 46th street just off Rock Center. Large menu that averages in the $15-20 range.  Feijoada the national dish available every day(normally eaten for Brunch). I like their Moqueca available with Fish or Shrimp. 15 W 46th Street

Melt Shop– Delish melted cheese sandwiches. You can go classic and basic but I love the Fried Chicken and the Chicken Club.They have Tator Tots and Milkshakes that are popular…but I love their Tomato soup. 135 W 50th Street

Cafe Metro – Rock solid spot right by NYSC down the stairs on 48th for big breakfast sandwiches, fresh salads, sandwiches and soups. 1221 Avenue of the Americas

 Taki Sushi – Good spot to grab some fairly priced Sushi Rolls and Bento box lunches, etc. The Wasabi Shumai are my favorite item on the menu.  60 W 48th St #2.

Ustav – Huge Indian spot, feels like your at a business convention or wedding. Great selection of high quality Indian usual suspects on a buffet. 1185 Avenue of the Americas

Xi’an Famous– just off Rock Center on 45th. Awesome if you like it hot. Western Chinese pulled noodles, soups and Lamb burgers. Even if you don’t  like hot you  Gwilo just ask for it not spicy and you’ll love it. If you like hot…beware HOT here is Asian hot not American I think Tabasco is hot. 24 West 45th Street

These should keep you busy as I continue to explore the neighborhood…


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