While checking out some Art Galleries on West 23rnd I walked by Letter J, a Menswear store loaded with cool casual gear. It totally reminded me of a place I used to go back on Long Island when I was  in College for hip casual trendy yet at the same time classic clothing. The store is fairly large and very well organized with a great selection of Khaki’s, Chino’s, Shorts, Polo’s and Button Down shirts, Swimwear, etc for your weekends and evenings.

Letter J’s selection of brands include Save Khaki, Psycho Bunny, Orlebar Brown, John Varvatos, Hartford, Mason’s and many hard to find So-Cal labels like Aviator Nation, Sol Angeles, and Paperback. I picked up a great fitting pair of Midnight Blue chino’s from Paperback and a pair of 60’s square cut Psycho Bunny swim trunks with the namesake logo all over them.

This place quite simply is like the beach-house closet you wish you had. The staff is very friendly and both eager to answer questions and suggest some of their wares based upon what you’ve been looking at. A great place for some upcoming Father’s Day shopping, though good luck walking out without picking up something for yourself….

Letter J is located at 557 West 23rd Street



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