Summer Gear 

I was blown away recently when I read a report that only 15% of men and only 30% of woman use any suntan lotion. Are you people crazy?!? Lizard skin is not in. I, in all fairness used to coat myself in oil, but those days are long gone. Plus I spend a lot of time in the water whether it be at the beach or pool so I need water resistant stuff. After the sun care is essential as well. Here are some Skin Care goods your body needs and some gear to help get you through the Summer of 2015

Skin Care Solutions

Kiehl’s SPF 50 Suntan lotion. I’ve found this to be one of the best because not only is it water resistant(good for 80 minutes or so, and as stated I’m in the pool and ocean water quite a bit), it has Vitamin E in it to keep the skin nourished as well. Re-apply regularly.

Nose Guard- My nose goes Rudolph like from the sun so I usually rock some Zinka on my snoggin either sky blue or lime green.

Lip Balm- I luckily don’t suffer from chapped lips, but still good to keep some on hand for myself or someone special lip’s that I want to keep moist . Not to be a Kiehl’s Ad  but I simply write about what I myself use/wear/experience

After Tanning

Aloe- this is key for after Sun care. Even when I didn’t use lotion I used Panama Jack’s bright green gel and still do. This year I read an article on oatmeal lotions and purchased Kiehl’s Oatmeal lotion. Since I spend some time in the sun I’m trying this stuff out. So far, I’m liking it.

Warm and Wet Clothing

Swimsuits- My current faves in no particular order are Onia, Faherty, Saturdays, Orlebar Brown and I just picked up a sweet pair of 60’s cut trunks by Psycho Bunny with little Psycho-bunnies all over it:)

Rash Guards – I wear them for snorkeling and surfing. If your skin burns easy or you have kids they are great protection from the sun and elements. Patagonia and Quicksilver my faves.

Sweatshirts – choose you style from Hoodie w/without a zipper or pullover. I like Vince’s, Saturday’s(my Bowery is maybe the greatest crew-neck sweatshirt ever) American Apparel,Patagonia(the zip neck’s) and Icebreaker(their lightweight zippered hoodies are very light yet very warm)

White Jeans- Of note, these work best if you’re fit or slim, better yet you’re female. Choose the brand that best fits you. I rock a pair of Gap 1969’s that are cut like 501’s.


Beach chair- for the beach, park or pool. I like the Rio brand, strong but light with a cup holder. I get mine in Long Beach.

Backpack- You need something to carry your stuff. I rock a Dakine that has multiple pockets including one for a wet swimsuit. I like Patagonia’s as well.

Tote- For the pool the backpack is overkill. The basic tote from Baggu carries my books, mags, keys, iPhone, sketch pad etc. If you want something fancier look at the ones from Jack Spade.

Camera- Your phone’s camera is only so good. I’m using an Olympus Tough that’s waterproof to 30 ft. So simple a child can use it. Just ask my brother, I have his kids taking pics of me diving into their pool all Summer long:)

Sunglasses – Cheap sunglasses are crap and bad for your eyes and skin around them. Get a real pair. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get Warby Parker’s with prescription lens. Mine are kinda like Wayfarers but a bit bigger and Blue. Sweet! Oakley makes great ones for sports and Persol, Oliver Peoples and RayBan’s are always styling.

A good Book. I still like paper, feel free to go with an app. Here’s my list of Summer reads for 2015

Beer- My go to Summer beer has become without a doubt 21st Amendments Watermelon Wheat which comes in a can making it perfect for rooftops that frown on glass. I also really like Sixpoint’s Apollo(wheat) and Jammer(a Gose with Coriander and Sea Salt)as well as Ballast Point Sculpin(IPA with peach, mango and lemon). All available in roof and beach friendly cans. Wondering why Beer is on a gear list…well it is a Summer-time essential…is it not?:)


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