Caprices by Sophie

Caprices by Sophie


    On my way to the L to head back to NYC I noticed a new shop on North 6th. My waistline may not be so happy about this find but my taste buds are ecstatic. I had their Pistachio Eclair, one of the absolute best Eclairs I’ve ever had in my life! They come in multiple flavors and have a number of other puff and cream delights. The menu is broken down into primarily three sections…


  • Capriceux -flavored meringues with toppings. ie Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut
  • Magic Choux – Assorted flavored Cream puffs-PB and Chocolate to Rosewater Raspberry
  • Eclairs – Flavors include Pistachio, Raspberry, Caramel

In true Williamsburg style many of the Ingredients are locally sourced and organic. Seating  is available inside as well in the outdoor garden in the back to enjoy your sweets with Coffee and Tea. An awesome addition to the hood.

Caprices by Sophie is located at 136 N6th Street, Willliamsburg, Brooklyn


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