Roberto-City Sandwich

For what sounds like a typical corner Deli, City Sandwich, the  love child of Portuguese, Italian and NYC influences and ingredients makes some fairly awesome sandwiches. Like their mixed heritage these are like the Brazilian Supermodels of sandwiches, with enough meat(fish,eggs,veggies) to fill them out right and just the right balance of veggies, cheeses and condiments to round them out.

The sandwiches are split into three groups on the menu, those with meat(red), no meat(though many with seafood(green) and egg based sandwiches (white). Sandwiches are available as a salad if do desired. However, the bread here is phenomenal so if your going to eat bread, eat it here(plus they scoop the insides out anyhow). Also of note, they don’t use heavy condiments like mayo here, it’s either a splash of olive oil or a dash of yogurt  sauce.

I went on a Tuesday and had their special the Roberto, a combo of marinated Pig, Portuguese bacon, spinach, caramelized onions, jalapenos and a splash of olive oil. While not the lightest sandwich on the menu the balance of flavors made one awesome sandwich. Size wise it’s medium by NYC standards, though they are filling. Maybe get a soup or kale salad. The tomato is very good and I’m looking forward for their Gazpacho. For desert their Pastel De Crema(like Flan) are delicious and if you like cinnamon I highly recommend getting one.

City Sandwich is located at 649 9th Avenue


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