I existed the L train, looked out upon the horizon…then like Erik the Red, I headed off into uncharted territory looking for mead. I ventured into storied Greenpoint, the land beyond Wlliamsburg! After crossing McCarren Park we espied Spritzenhaus (33 Nassau Ave) a huge German Beer Hall with a large selection of beers on tap and in bottles(they also have a large Brat selection that I will have to sample another time). We bellied up to one of the bars and drank Founders Nitro and Simple Sour. We then headed back over to Bedford and hit Nights and Weekends (1 Bedford Avenue) a small quirky place with a Latin food menu and a rather large selection of beverages to concoct cocktails. I opted for a Raspberry Wheat Red Road. They keep it real here playing vinyl records.

Next up was a huge stumble…the Keg and Lantern Brewing Company (97 Nassau Avenue) a great pub with walls lined with beer cans  that brews their own beers, carries a large selections in bottles along with a full menu. We drank their tasty Sunset Saison while we cheered on with the locals drinking Polish beer for the US women’s soccer team as they played (and beat) China. Very close by is Torst,(615 Manhattan Avenue) the “Thinking Man’s” beer bar. They serve their beer here like wine in 3 pour size options($4/8/12). We drank Son of Berserker, I Love You(Stouts) and Ume Plum Salt…which was both a rather unique and delicious brew.

It was well past time to grab a bite and trying to decide where to go we saw suits of armor and a name we couldn’t pronounce Krolewskie Jadlo(694 Manhattan Avenue). Inside were pretty girls eating huge plates of hearty Polish fare while paintings of Polish Kings that all looked like Vlad the Impaler looked on… How could we not eat here? Bread with a “spread” and dill pickles came to the table. The spread was rather tasty and savory, it turned out to be pork fat…does a body good. I ordered the Stuffed Boar with Tarragon mashed potatoes with a Zywiee beer and my Cuz the Polish Sampler(sausage, stuffed cabbage, beef pierogies, and potatoes pancakes). Portions are large, the food tasty and the the prices gentle. Most entrees are $15 with appi’s in the $6-8 range.

We then headed on to Dirck the Norseman (7 N 15th Street at Franklin Street) a huge spot with a giant bar that takes up a large amount of the space. Tables inside and out, an in-house brewery, The Greenpoint Beer and Ale Company and they even get live bands. We ordered up When Life Hands You…a tasty brew. On the way to the L to call it a night we walked by The Gorbels (98 N 6th Street) and popped up to check it out. Six flights of stairs  later I needed a drink(of note, there is an elevator, which we found leaving of course)…after a night of beers for a nightcap I went frozen with their Jet Pilot, a blend of light and dark rum, cachaca, lime, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, and mint. Tasty…it crushed me. I wonder if Erik the Red felt this wonderful the next day. Though I’m guessing he too was up for further exploration….


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