Sleepy Jones Waves Sleepy Jones

Walking along Howard Street on a grey Fall day in June(it was one of those days that you look out your window and wonder “if I get out of bed…should I go any further then my couch”? ) I wandered into Sleepy Jones. They specialize in PJ’s for men and women with a growing line of under-garments. They also have tee’s and sweats…through I imagine these are more for lounging around with rather then pursuing anything that will make you sweat much.

I purchased a pair of their new Wave patterned boxers (also available as PJ ‘s). The cut of the boxers is European, meaning if you’re American Beef and Milk built, even if lean and mean you likely(Read: you will) need to buy a size up. Of note, they also carry some soaps and toiletries including Harry’s Shaving sets. The staff is friendly and couldn’t have been more appropriately attired, they were wearing PJ’s.

Sleepy Jones is located at 25 Howard Street





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