Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

I love it when a friend turns me onto a spot I haven’t been to yet. Recently I hit Lan Sheng for some authentic Chinatown style Szechuan in Midtown. The menu here is huge with plenty to choose from. After discussing hot or not(yes:) some fish, some dumplings, something healthily and oh…some pork!, my bud called the waiter over and in Chinese ordered up the food. We started with their thinly sliced Pork Belly served cold and spicy with cucumber. First time I’ve ever had this dish and was impressed how tasty it was cold. Next up a steaming bowl of Fillet of Fish and hot peppers in the House Spicy broth. Awesome. To keep it healthy a side of Snow Pea leaves which were fresh and tasty. We finished with a rather large order of Soup Dumplings which were pretty good. Definitely need to come back and explore this menu further….

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng is located at 60 West 39th Street


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