Indie Fresh

Indie Fresh

I was looking for something new at the Gotham West Market and came upon Indie Fresh. They offer gluten and dairy free Soups, Mashes(think stews) Broths, Salads and healthy Smoothies and Juices. The menu is fairly large and while trying to decide what to order the staff said they just opened and offered me a number of samples to help me decide. I tried the following;

Bison Meatballs with Cremini mushrooms and Quinoa. Delicious, earthy and filling

Bison Borscht -If you like beets order this

Cod Chowder- Cream-less yet delish

Turkey and Black Bean Chili-solid version of the dish

Pho Beef broth -All their broths are  liquefied versions of these soups, everything cooked down. Though very tasty I would have this as an appi before a main or salad

Almond Cocoa Nib Smoothie- I’m a milk guy, but have to admit this was tasty

Everything was delicious, but in the end it was the Bison Meatballs with the Mushrooms and Quinoa that won out. Of note, I’m not gluten nor daily free and I loved the stuff, so if you or a friend or loved one are you really need to check Indie Fresh out.

Indie Fresh

Indie Fresh

Indie Fresh is located at the Gotham West Market, 600 11th Avenue


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