Have you been to Brooklyn’s very own sketchbook library yet? The concept is this, you buy a blank sketchbook from them, choose from an assortment of topics, get sketching and then send it in. Then it gets sent around the county as part of a tour before becoming a part of the Library in Brooklyn. You can have it digitized as well. This past Tuesday three talented Artists presented their sketchbooks.

Alberto Pazzi hails from Mexico and sees himself not so much an Artist but as a Pirate. Not in the eye-patch and peg-leg sort of way but as in the learn as you go, trial and error vs traditional schooling model. As a kid instead of coloring books and crayons his Dad gave him blank paper and  pencils and said…”create your own pictures”. He did and now though his work he wants to make people laugh, think and connect

Karolleen Decosta recently moved from LA to NYC and discovered that the natives here walk the streets and take public transport to get around. Her sketchbook is based upon the sights, sounds and smells from her daily observations on the street, a new experience for this LA native. Of note, she runs a project called Side Hustle NYC for those of us who love to paint and sketch etc but have to work a profession to pay the bills. Looking forward to her next event…

Sonni Aun grew up all over the globe. She heard about the Sketchbook Project from an Art School friend. She’s fascinated by anatomy, science and the organic line between beauty and the grotesque. Would like to see her do some alien figures.

The concept of interpreting stories was a theme for all three artists…of capturing the moment. See the pics below to see samples of their works, get inspired, maybe do a sketchbook of your own, or just browse the amazing works from Artists from all around the world. Then ponder what kind of world we would live in if we as a species spent more time creating Art…than all the other less then productive things we do.

Btw you can check out my sketchbook(did it a few years ago, so may be time for another) “We Could be Heroes” at  #S120921

The Sketchbook Project is located at 103A North 3rd Street, Williamsburg


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