Harry & Ida's Pastrami

Harry & Ida’s Pastrami

Off the charts thick cut Pastrami is the star of Harry & Ida’s, the new old school East Village Sandwich Shop/General Store. Shelves of Preserves, Salsas, Hot Sauces, Bitters and pickled goods line the walls. Along with the Pastrami, Bacon, Country Ham, Smoked Eel, and Bluefish Salad are the highlights of the Sandwich menu(available by the pound as well). I picked up some of the Pastrami after a taste…no way I was walking out without some. They do not slice it sandwich thin here, they cut it like think cut Brisket. This stuff is the Filet Mignon of Pastrami. Of note, I usually like my Pastrami on Rye but I had a Sesame  Bagel from Black Seed on hand and with some of  Harry & Ida’s mustard slathered on it, A-mazing. I can’t wait to try their Bacon and explore their selves some more.

Harry & Ida’s is located at 189 Avenue A


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  1. Andy Krublit says:

    Sounds awesome, but do you mean 18th or 19th St instead of 189th Street as you indicated it was in teh East Village?

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