K Rico

K Rico

After wandering around 9th Avenue trying to decide where to go for a late lunch and kinda craving red meat I came upon K-Rico, Latin American Steakhouse. One look at the menu and seeing a steak sandwich and a couple of burgers including one with Aji aioli and Pork Belly jam I walked right in and grabbed a seat at the bar. The Short Rib burger was highly recommended, but I loved the toppings on the Prime Burger…so I asked for the short rib patty topped with the Prime’s caramelized onion ,Oaxaca cheese, Aji aloi and that Pork Belly jam. This burger is one of the best I’ve ever had, it’s a work of art. My stomach and heart got into a bit of a heated debate over it. My stomach winning telling my heart to “man up” and do it’s job. It came with huge steak house fries dusted with cheese and herbs. I dipped them in the house made thick and delish Chimmichurri vs ketchup.

As it turned out the gent serving me was one of the owners Tommy Greco, a  great guy, very gracious. He shared with me that his brother John is the Executive Chef who butchers the meat and dry ages it in-house. It most definitely shows. The Short Rib meat lit up my taste buds while the amazing topping selection fired off taste sensations across the synapses of my brain. I’ll be back to try out some more of the delicious South American food on this menu. The space is great with a long bar upfront, nice sized dining room and outdoor patio in the back. If you’re a carnivore, you need to add K Rico to your 2015 list of new places to try and Best Burgers…


K Rico

K Rico

K Rico

K Rico

K Rico Steak House is located at 772 9th Avenue


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