Kin Shop

Kin Shop


For Restaurant Week I hit KIn Shop with a group of fellow travelers from Gogobot for some tasty Thai from the kitchen of Top Chef winner Harold Dieterle. While perusing the Prix Fixe menu we ordered up a nice Riesling to go with our meal. To start most of our party choose the Mussels in a Siamese Green Curry broth, while I opted for the Kale and Watermelon Salad with Coconut and Brazil nuts in a Lemongrass dressing. My friends loved the Curry, I enjoyed my salad and really like the coconut and dressing, but expected a bit more Watermelon then the crouton sized cubes.

For my entree I choose the Skate and Calamari in Jungle Curry with a side of Jasmine Rice since it had four stars symbolizing very hot. While it was very good, it wasn’t that spicy, though in all fairness I eat Phaal(insane hot from India) sauce, so I may not be the best barometer of heat. The rest of our crew had the Spicy Noodles with Bok Choy and Cauliflower which they all enjoyed. From the desert selection most of us went with the Ginger Cookie with Kaffir ice cream sandwiches while one of our friends who recently returned from a whirlwind tour of Asia opted for the Passion Fruit Mousse. Desert was devoured rather quickly. Overall I thought the food was very tasty though a bit more refined and a bit less spicy then I’m used to. For those not spice crazy looking to enjoy some Thai food…Kin Folk will be perfect.

Kin Shop

Kin Shop

Kin Shop

Kin Shop

Kin Shop is located at 469 6th Avenue


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