While discussing spots to eat in Murray Hill recently a neighbor of mine told me about Tsukushi an authentic Izakaya Japanese Omakase restaurant off a side street by the UN that after 10:30pm serves a limited menu including very good Ramen. It piqued my interest but when would I go for dinner that late? As it turned out after catching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and getting out after 10:00pm a bit hungry while trying to figure out what was still open I remembered the “place with the black awning off 41st Street”

Inside Tsukushi is a small space with blond wood tables for about two dozen and a curved bar that seats about 10 seats at the curved bar. The menu turned out to have more items then I expected. Of note, the menu (see picture below) looks like an Omakase menu without any prices on it, have no no fear after 10:30pm it is a la carte and gently priced with main courses averaging only $10.00. I ordered the Ramen(soy sauce based with Pork, Egg and thin noodles), and my friend the Crab Fried Rice. We also enjoyed Salmon and Spicy Cod Roe Onigiri (rice balls) to start and drank bottles of Sapporo Reserve Beer. Everything was very good and size wise totally hit the spot for a late meal, satisfying without leaving one stuffed. Tsukushi’s Ramen, soup and rice dishes are a great late night alternative to the usual suspects.






Tsukushi is located at 300 East 41st Street


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