Rebecca Dayan

Rebecca Dayan

Last night I attended the next featured Artist in Catherine Ahnell’s “Year of the Woman” series, the solo debut of Actress Rebecca Dayan’s exhibition Assumption, a  collection of Watercolor portraits. Rebecca is an Actress by trade that along with modelling has always painted as well. Her pieces in this collection of work are a mix of Sexual and Religious themes sometimes intertwined. They feature hands in prayer, Eve and her Apple, and beautiful Nun’s wearing habits…one sporting an eye-patch. Along with the portraits a number of the pieces features sensuously lipped mouths.

Her attention to detail in her portraits eyes (likely due to the rather beautiful eyes that she possesses) and use of color are what really drew me in. Of note, Watercolor painting is particularly challenging as it is not quite (Read, Not) as forgiving as acrylics or oils to work with. Thus making me really appreciate her talent with a brush. The exhibition is on from Sept 9th till October 11th and is off to a great start, many of the pieces already had little red dotes on their info cards denoting…sold. Check out this up and coming Artist as her star starts to rise.


Catherine Ahnell Gallery is located at 66 Grand Street


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