Sadelle’s the newest creation from the Torrisi Team, a Jewish Brasserie and Bakery recently opened in the old I Tre Merli space. The *main menu is fairly large and offers Bagel, Lox and Salad Towers(yes, you read that right) Swedish Meatloaf, Waldorf Salads, Hot Dog Reubano, Triple Decker Smoked Meat sandwiches along with of course Matzoh Ball Soup.

However it was the Bagels, Lox and Baked goods ie Babka (sold out when I went) Cookies, Rugelach and the like that I went for. Sadelle’s offers a dozen variety of bagels($2 each) including two gluten free versions($3.50 each), yet they only have three cream cheeses (plain, veggie and chive) and four  fishes. I took home the House which was described as Belly Lox. While it’s good, it is not the salty Belly Lox that I love. Of the bagels I tried the Sesame was good, the Everything 2.0 nothing out of the ordinary and the Salt and Pepper, heavy on the pepper…though I think it would make a good Pizza Bagel.

While it’s all good quality stuff I found the Bakery’s pricing on the expensive side and didn’t find anything that knocked me out. For those who live or work in Soho by West Broadway and locals and tourists craving something after shopping in the nearby high end retail stores and neighboring Art Galleries maybe it will hit the spot. For the time being, it is packed…it remains to be scene if Bagel and Lox towers are what NYC has been missing all these years.

Sadelle’s is located at 456 West Broadway

*As of this writing I have only taken out from the Bakery section






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