I was looking for a spot for lunch in Rock Center for Restaurant week(turns out that Limani offers a prix fixe lunch year round) I came upon Limani. The interior of the restaurant is stunning, one of the best looking restaurants in the city. It’s a large open space with high ceilings done in primarily white with highlights of a very rich blue. Limani has a cool looking bar in the back and in the middle a  sculpture descends from the ceiling above a water table. Since it was a nice bright sunny day we ended up eating outside.

The menu is primarily, though not exclusively Seafood and fairly large and that includes the prix fixe menu as well. I started with  the Scallops with Citrus that were fresh out of the sea and perfectly cooked. For my entrée it was a coin toss between the Shrimp Saganaki (think a Greek version of Parmigiano), the Tuna Burger and the Fish of the Day. Since it was Bronzino (one f my fave fishes) my choice was made. It was served deboned and European style with the head and tail still on with some broccoli on the side. For desert I came close to going with the Greek Yogurt with Thyme Honey, but the Karidopita (a walnut cake) came with Honey Lavender ice cream…delish. Limani is perfect for lunch and dinner, for business or pleasure.

is located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza


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