After getting a haircut at the Fellow Barber I walked by Cherry Izakaya which I had heard good things about and saw that their happy on was on till 8pm(Happy hour is 4-8pm which means doable after get you out of work at 6pm even in Manhattan). I was up for a beverage and a lite bite so I strolled in and bellied up to the bar. Though I was in the mood for a beer, I’m a big Gin guy and the Bordello sounded interesting, a riff on a Daiquiri made up of Cherry Blossom simple syrup, Lime juice, Gin substituting for the Rum and some Lime zest. The type of drink you come to a bar for.

The Happy Hour menu offers in addition to the drink specials food($7 Cooked small plates and $5 Sushi rolls) as well. From the Cooked section I choose the Yuzu Salt and Pepper wings (6) which were very moist and juicy. I’m usually an “you call this hot?”wing guy, but these were a great change of pace, plus I love Yuzu. From the Sushi roll selection (that included Spicy Tuna, Yellowtail etc) I opted for the Shrimp Tempura roll. The Shrimp were lightly fried in a tasty batter, topped with spicy mayo and within the nori wrap a hidden sliver of pineapple giving it a Hawaiian punch that really worked. Of note,the Wasabi was of high quality, always a very good sign.

Interior wise, up front Cherry Izakaya has a cool little well stocked low lit bar (with beers on tap) and some tables in the bar area, a dining room(well lit) behind the bar, and an upstairs private party room. At the bar they have some old school games like Battleship, Cross-Connect etc making this a fun spot for a date or a group of friends. Service wise it’s spot on, friendly and welcoming.  I’ll have to come back for the raw goods and more from the cooked menu…plus maybe a game of Cross-Connect. Which reminds me of the time at a night market in Asia where I played it against…well a story for another time…

 Cherry Izakaya is located at 138 North 8th Street in Williamsburg


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