I needed a change of pace from my usual suspects for lunch so I popped on the subway a few stops and remembered a Sushi spot I had walked by and wanted to check out. Momoya’s large open sleek minimalist decor sets the stage for fresh delicious sushi and a good looking crowd. Lunch specials are fairly priced($14 for three rolls and soup or salad) and very good. I started with the Miso Soup and to field test Momoya’s Sushi Chefs I ordered my usual roll litmus test…Spicy Tuna,Salmon and Avocado, and Yellowtail and Scallion roll. The Miso soup was exceptional and I’ve always found that to be a sign of high quality in a Japanese restaurants(the equivalent of good quality bread in most Western and Med restaurants). The Sushi was fresh and delicious as were the Ginger and the Wasabi. I sat at the Sushi bar and while eating my lunch was able to watch the Chef’s at work and the beautiful cuts of fish they worked on. I was literally salivating watching them while I was eating my own rolls! Momoya is a great spot for Sushi on the eastern edge of Chelsea.

Momoya is located at 185 7th Avenue


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