Looking for somewhere within range of the office I strolled over to 9th Ave and came by Obao. It was still pretty full after 2:30pm so I saw that as a positive sign. Inside Obao is a good looking spot with two L shaped bars up front, Lantern lights descending from the ceiling and tough hewn wooden walls with Buddha’s inset in the back wall

Obao’s lunch menu specials includes an appi(half sized portion)with an entree(full sized) for only $9. I choose the steamed dumplings (available fried) from the options that included Grilled Eggplant, Tom Yum Kai soup and a House salad with Peanut dressing.

From a rather large selection of entrees I choose the Kui Teaw Lak Sa, shrimp,pork belly and buckwheat noodles in a spicy coconut curry broth. To adjust the heat to your liking a dish with lime, Jalapenos, bean sprouts and dried hot peppers accompanied it.

Among a slew of like options in the area, Obao offers  great food with fair prices in a far more stylish setting.

Obao is located at 647 9th Avenue


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