Looking for somewhere nearby but not to far I remembered walking by a Katsu joint and thinking it’s about time to check it out. 

I knew I was in for a very good meal when the Miso soup arrived. Katsu Hama’s Miso Soup is very good, different than most I’ve had. Instead of tofu it had veggies. When I inquired the Chef simply pointed out that the Miso is just the broth,that veggies, tofu, radishes etc vary by the Chef. Of note you can get a free refill, which applies to the pickles and white rice. 

Katsu Hama’s menu consists primarily of Katsu, Curry’s and Donburi. I choose the basic Pork Katsu lunch special for my entree. It came out perfectly fried and served on a little grill on the plate to keep it greaseless. The other white meat is king here, though they are some chicken and seafood dishes. 

The dark interior, predominantly Asian clientele and vibe of the place make eating at Katsu Hama a transporting experience. You walk in from NY, enter Tokyo then step back into NYC. 
Katsu Hama is located at 11 East 47th Street


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