On my way home after running into a bud and catching up over a beverage it hit me I didn’t have anything at home to cook. Not sure what I wanted I remembered walking by a place with Poke and Burgers on the menu named Sons of Thunders, their thing being locally sourced fresh and organic “quick” food. I headed over and it turned out that they had just opened. 

Poke is the star here and available with Ahi Tuna, Octopus, Salmon or Tofu vegetarian in either a soy based sauce or a spicy one(not hot but tasty) that is served on top of brown or white rice and greens for under $10 bucks! Though I was skeptical it was fresh and delish. 

The rest of the menu is comprised of Hot Dogs (Chili Cheese,Chicago and a Bahn Mi dog( 4.50). Chicken Sandwiches and Burgers(they were not available the day I went but will be added to the menu shortly)

I decided on a Bahn Mi hot dog to start and it was awesome. A high quality hot dog nestled in a soft just right bun and loaded with fresh carrots, jicama, cucumber, Jalapeño and cilantro with some mayo. 

For my entree I couldn’t decide between the Octopus recommended (which they gave me a sample and it was tasty) and the Ahi…luckily you can choose two if you so desire. For under $10 one of the best deals in the city. 

To drink Sons of Thunder has Lemonade, fountain sodas, milkshakes, milk and juices as well as a nice selection of beers on tap from Six Point and Brooklyn breweries as well as Saranac Root Beer. For desert, soft serve Ice Cream which I will have to swing back for. 
 Sons of Thunder is located at 204 East 38th Street 


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