Is that not the most beautiful slice of Spinach and Garlic Pizza you have ever seen? Walking in the rain looking for somewhere new (or at least new to me) I come upon Patzeria, a small hole in the wall old school pizza joint…but one look at their slices and I was in. 

I decide on the slice in the picture above that you are likely drooling over…though the sausage and peppers slices did look epic. However I was jonesing for a Chicken Parm hero so ordered that and ate the slice while waiting for it. 

The slice lived up to Patzeria’s full name…perfect and the spinach and garlic was as well. The Chicken Parm was big with fresh chicken breast, fresh mozzarella and their amazing sauce on a hero that held and meld all the ingredients together. One  of the best I’ve ever had…and I’ve eaten enough to earn connoisseur status:) 

Awesome slices of old school Pizza and superior heroes…a hole in the wall, but the type you brag/blog about…
 Patzeria Perfect Pizza is located at 231 West 46th Street 


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