When exactly did we go from being Hunter-Gatherers to in-debt Consumers? That is pretty much the question that Brandon Babenzein of Supreme fame is looking to adress with his new line Noah. 

The space looks like a cool den with a big comfy couch and some upscale trendy magazines. Knit hats, Baseball caps, T shirts, Logo T-Shirts, Corduroy running shorts, CPO Jackets, Flannels, Jewelry etc adorn the walls in shelves and on racks. 

While looking at one of the T-Shirts price tags I noticed that printed on it was 100,000,000 Sharks are killed every year. Which is startling considering more people die by selfie than Shark attacks(google it for yourself). 

This started a conversation with Brandon on conspicuous consumption vs fewer quality pieces, about production in NY vs sweatshops in the third world countries, about employing people to give them skills for a career not just a paycheck.

Is Noah the future of retail…to be determined. I hope it’s at least a move in the right direction. 

Noah is located at 195 Mulberry Street  


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