While doing some exploring on the southern end of Bedford I came upon Rosamunde Sausage Grill. Looking in I saw a very long bar with about two dozen beers on tap (more in bottles plus a full bar),Butcher block tables with benches and others with high stools and the NFL games on, so I popped in. 

Bellying up to the bar I grabbed a menu and found well over a dozen sausages to choose from including, surprisingly a number of vegan choices. After perusing the Beer selection I decided on the Peak Organic White Nitro, I’m sure there were better choices for a hearty sausage sandwich, but it sounded good and was really refreshing.

It was a tough call between the cheddar brat, the chicken black cherry and the wild boar. I went cheddar brat topped with spicy chili and sauerkraut (peppers and grilled onions abated hot as toppings as well. The sausage was big, tasty and juicy(and hard writing that with a straight face), the Chilli was all beef and very good and the fresh French bread held everything together just right. A great spot for craft beers, pub grub and to catch a game. 

Roseamunde Sagage Grill is located at 285 Besford Avenue 


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