Craving a sandwich, but something new and different I heard about a new Arepa spot and set off to check it out. Arepa Factory’s are Venezuelan style and are considerably larger than most I’ve had. These are about sandwich sized and stuffed full of ingredients. Choices are many here and deciding between one stuffed with chorizo vs ceviche or lobster vs beef or coconut lamb is no easy task.

There are almost two dozen to choose from and if so desire you can create your own from a number of ingredients that include avocado, plantains, Guayanes Cheese, and sauces like Cilantro Pesto, Pineappe Chutney and Picante. They have some flavored Arepas like Spinach that I’ll need to try on another visit.

The Pabellon with shredded beef, black beans, plantains and Guayanes cheese topped with Cilantro Pesto had my name all over it. It was fairly large, the ingredients were all fresh, tasty and this combo does make for a new taste sensation.

To drink my eyes locked on the dark green cucumber mint drink which was delish. A variety of juices, coffee beverages and sodas, are also available.

The space is small so it’s primarily for take out, though there are some tables in the back and some counter seating. Monica the Owner and Raphael the Chef are great and very enthusiastic about their new place and take Global take on Arepas. The real question here is, what am I going to have on my next visit?

 Arepa Factory is located at 147 Avenue A


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