The collection below is an eclectic mix of tasty food, beverages, Art Supplies, and clothing I’ve come across recently. 

Arepas and Mint Cucumber Juice at Arepa Factory. Larger then usual Arepas with a huge assortment to choose from. 
Balcones Baby Blue, Blue Corn Whiskey. I’ve never tasted anything quite like this before…in a class of its own. Tastes like butterscotch and corn with a bit of a burn. Simply intoxicating. Available at Astor Wines and Spirits.  
Bowery Jacket at Aether. While Fall is almost going to be Winter, this perfect Fall Jacket will be great for Traveling and for Spring. Plus love the gear here. 

The Bagel Store’s Spinach and Parmesan bagel (See opening pic, of note,DiPalo of Grand Street Meatballs and Michael’s of Brooklyn sauce used and made at home with their bagel) and the BEC…Bacon, Egg and Cheese which is loaded with bacon! 

Dark Coconut Beer by Oscar Blues at Good Beer NYC. If you love Coconut they nailed the flavor …this would be perfect with spicy Thai food. Plus you can buy a beer here and drink it while shopping for more beer!:) 
Joe and the Juice…while they do have good coffee, juices, shakes( like the Banana Mint) and sandwiches(Go spicy Tuna) it’s the combination of location on Spring Street, the size and layout if the space and the people watching that make this a new coffee house fave 
Onepiece- simply the concept of “onesies” for adults cracks me up. Plus the fact that anytime I show the website to anyone they don’t think I’m nuts, they think they may want one. Though one friend was upset they don’t come with feetsies…can’t make this stuff up 
Patzeria Perfect Pizza …lives up to the name especially the spinach and garlic and sausage and peppers slices. Awesome hungry-man sized Heroes as well.  
Poke at Sons of Thunder. It’s the Hawaiian version of Sushi. Available here as Ahi Tuna, Salmon, or Octopus in a soy based or spicy mayo sauce over rice (brown or white) with salad. They also have great Hot Dogs with toppings. 

Rosemary Paintbrushes at Jerry’s Art Palette. These brushes have been “game changers” for me. 

Smackery’s Green Apple crisp cookies with cinnamon, salted caramel and White Chocolate and the Graceland, Bacon, Peanut Butter Banana, and Chocolate chips.   

Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils in Captum Motrin and White to draw in the Chiaroscuro style. Available at Blick/Uretch Art supplies. 



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