I was catching up with a friend in Soho for a late Brunch, so eggs were not necessarily what we needed and when I suggested fish tacos they were in and we headed over to Seamore’s a relatively new Seafood Shack(read huge open space) on Broome and Mulberry. 

Since it was brunch we started off with some beverages. I went with their Spicy Mezcal Bloody Maria (not on the menu just ask for it) that comes with a hot pepper in it for some added heat. My bud went with a can of Mexicali cerveza. 

I recently have become a big fan of Poke, so when I saw it on the menu I had to order it. Here it is composed of cubed Ahi Tuna  in ponzu sauce topped with crushed peanuts, green onions, shredded red cabbage and chopped jalapeños. It comes with blue corn tortilla chips to scoop it up with. The portion is pretty good sized, plenty for 2-3 to share.

For our mains we both decided on fish Tacos, I went Surfer style with the Crispy fish tacos topped with guacamole and chipotle mayo and my bud went healthy with the Seared fish tacos with black beans, avocado and pico de gallo. Both were fresh and tasty. 

The only desert they offer is Soft Serve Key Lime Pie ice team with a crushed graham cracker topping that they get from Oddfellows who make awesome Ice Cream. It was great…though I would like to see them add another flavor or two. 

Seamores hit all the marks with great food, friendly service, a cool open airy spot and very good people watching. Add this to your Seafood and Cool spots in Soho lists 

Seamore’s is located at 390 Broome Street 


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