While exploring Grand Street I came upon By Robert James, the goods in the window looked cool so I popped in. Next thing I know I’m trying on a sweet navy with white polka dots button down and a T-shirt with a skull topped with a Mohawk made of bullets. 

The store is large, immaculate and well organized. The staff is friendly and accommodating hitting the perfect balance of being there when you need them to answer a question or get a size and leaving you to roam and look around. By Robert James carries a large variety of men’s goods that vary from high end cotton t-shirts with and without freaking cool prints to suits, back to jeans and button down shirts. Kinda store that is hard to walk out of without something. 

While I held strong and only went with one polka dot shirt, I broke and got 3 T’s. The goods are designed and made in NYC and NJ. Prices are premium but not crazy. You’ll pay us much for goods with a more well known label made overseas and not as well made for as much or more. 

By Robert James is located at 200 Grand Street Williamsburg


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