While doing some research on spots in South Williamsburg I came upon a dish…that for name alone I just had to try and headed over to the L. Once seated at the large communal table I ordered their Hoji Tea (roasted Green Tea and very good) which comes in a pitcher. If you’re going to charge for Tea, this is how you do it.

Since I came here for a noodle dish I just wanted one sushi roll or taco (this translates to a piece of sushi over rice with a veggie topping in a pinched nori square) to try it. However, at Lunch Sushi is only available under the Lunch Special (2 fish, soup, salad, and veggies) menu which gives you a choice of two rolls or tacos(2 each). I manned up and ordered a Hello Yellowtail (yellowtail, scallion, shiso) and of course my litmus test Spicy Tuna from a selection of over a dozen rolls/tacos. I went Taco over Roll since it would be less filling. Both were fresh and delicious. Of note, they give you three sauces for the sushi. A basic soy, one with some wasabi, and one with a lot. I love heat but felt the heavy version was too overpowering for the fish.

While Samurai Mama’s noodle selection is rather large and daunting since so much sounds so good, when I saw that indeed they offer Bukake (translates to, to splash) how could I not go all in for some. Plus they have not one, not two, but three ways to enjoy your Bukake. I went with their Ramen version in a fish stock broth that must have Yuzu or lemon in it. The broth was both delicious and different than any I’ve had. The noodles were great, egg…just how do the Japanese so perfectly poach their eggs(?) delicious sliced pork and greens. I love Ramen and have had many different variations and this one really stands out.

Samurai Mama’s interior is brick faced walls adorned with collage style paintings with polka dots. There is a very large beautiful wood communal table that takes up the length of the dining room with about a half dozen tables for groups of two to eight.

I have to admit, I never thought I would say this…but I’m already craving more Bukake. If you love Ramen you need to try some as well, next time I’m going spicy…

Samurai Mama is located at 205 Grand Street


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