Go for a cruise in NYC during the Winter?I figured sure why not…Travel Massive  usually throws fun events in cool spots and it would be a good way to kick off the new year.  So I headed over to Pier 40 located in the West Village(they also have boats that leave from Pier 15 by the Seaport) to board one of Hornblower’s ships for an aquatic adventure.

We went out on the Hybrid a big good looking highly maneuverable ship that took us out around New York for amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Freedom Tower and stunning up close views of Lady Liberty. My pictures quite simply do not do them justice since I only had a iPhone on me. I would highly recommend at least a point and shoot, if not a mirror-less or DLSR for the epic pics you can get.

The interior of the boat was nice and warm with plenty of couches to chill out on, a well stocked bar for beer, wine or cocktails, and a dance floor with DJ that the Travel Massive crowd hit hard after we passed the key sights. Though it was freezing the night I went I still went outside to take pics. Of note, the ship had staff stationed outside to ensure safety.

While a boat cruise in Winter in NYC may not come to mind for most, Hornblower’s cruises are a blast and far from your usual night out.

Hornblower Cruises is located at 353 West Street at Pier 40


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