After getting our geek-on watching the “Force” awaken a couple of buds and I headed out for a bite. One of them had been to Hillstone recently and thought it would be a good spot on a slow holiday season evening. We decided on eating at the bar and sitting on the comfy padded bar stools. I suggested a Hitachio White for one of my buds, I ordered a Chimay White, while our friend decided to stay classy with a glass of Pinot Noir.

While trying to decide on entrees we agreed on starting with some Sushi rolls and ordered up the Osaka style (Read: Layered) Spicy tuna roll and a Tuna and Yellowtail roll with ikuro(fish eggs) to share. Though non-traditional both were tasty and fresh.

For our mains to a man we all went beef since we already had some fish. I choose the Cheeseburger which turned out to be one of the better ones I’ve had recently, one of my buds got the Prime Rib Dip which he seemed rather pleased with and my other friend raved about the Thai Steak salad which was nice sized.

Hillstone is a fun spot to grab New American fusion food that encompasses everything from a great CheeseBurger to Sushi and seafood dishes with a full bar with a fairly large wine selection, craft brews on tap and in bottles and a nice cocktail menu with modern riffs on the classics.


Hillstone is located at 378 Park Avenue South


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