Are you fascinated by Japanese culture or simply want to learn more about Japan’s tasty treats and crafts? Check out products from throughout Japan at Wonder 500 going on at 4 West 43rd Street until February 9th 2016.

I tried a number of interesting and not quite your ordinary treats that included sweet and savory jelly balls called Yokan(they had 5 flavors I went Sake),Wasabi coated crystallized jelly candies, Mentaiko a Spicy cod roe crackers, Pie crust stix, (I tried the ginger in a shrimp tartar sauce dip),Wasabi and plum vinegar peanuts, Monaka which is like an ice cream cone wafer with a sweet roasted soy bean center and Black bean cooked soft candies. While they had Sake and Beers on display they were not available to sample so the ladies running the exhibition were kind enough to make me a Green tea to drink during the tasting.

In addition on display they had a number of goods that included a variety of Sake cups made out of lacquer, classic square wooden sake boxes, colored pencils, sketch pads, and more. Check out the pics below. Better yet check out Wonder 500 for yourself at 4 West 43rd Street. 



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