Starving out of my face while I was walking around western Soho I came upon Trademark Burger. The menu is simply a few versions of Burgers(average $7) made with Premium sourced Colorado Beef, A Hot Dog, Wedge Fries and Onion rings. 

I decided on the namesake Trademark Burger topped with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and their “special sauce” which is both rather tasty and different from your usual suspects. I added bacon from their toppings selection which is very good, but very thin. Almost prosciutto like, yet packing flavor.  I love Onion rings so I ordered some up. Trademark Burgers rings rock and for $4 you get enough for 2-3. 

To drink they have more choices then to eat, Milk Shakes, a few beers in cans, Vino, a number of mixed drinks and some sodas. I went with an Orange Kas(a brand from Spain). Trademark Burger is a great little spot to grab a bite to stay or go. 

Trademark Burger is located at 110 Thompson street 


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