This past month there were a number of Art Shows going on and I hit Scope in its 16th year since I like its mix of Contemporary, Pop and Street Art. There were well over 60 galleries from around the world showcasing some very cool stuff. It’s hard to pick favorites from so much talent but the pieces above from Brian Viveros, Michael Janis, and Flore x BDB Producer were some of mine.

I’ll share some moments in this piece from my conversations with some of the Artists I met …

Alessandro Tomasi from the Public House of Art (Joker baby girl below) and I discussed what the difference between a store and a gallery is. Answer…good question. Feel free to provide one…

Flore  x BDB Producer shared how they started out as Street Artists mixing Pop Culture with Street Art and Fashion and were discovered( see Kate Moss above)

Michael Janis blew my mind when he described how he grinds glass and then shapes it to form a portrait that he then fires up in a kiln to create his work (see above Beauty with Polka Dots). I couldn’t think of a more difficult way to do it if I tried.

Favorite story from the show…Angela China whose pieces(see legs in high heels stuck with gum) have been on display in galleries as well as Street Art shared how some of her work was stolen off the building they were mounted on. At a party she met someone who said they were a big fan and own a piece of her work. Turned out, he bought one of the stolen pieces!

…and now I’ll let the works speak to you for themselves…


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