Oh have things have changed in Crown Heights. The place still is a bit rough around its edges, it’s no Billyburg…but it does have a pretty cool indoor Beer Garden on Bergen Street which is off ever gentrifying Franklin Avenue. 

The place is pretty big inside with huge long wooden community tables, games on screens, board games to play, and a very cool Game of Thrones Pinball Machine. BERG’N has a great selection of Craft Beers available on tap and in bottles as well as a full bar(they had some interesting sounding cocktails I will have to come back and try). If you’re hungry fill up on BBQ great Might Quinn’s, Filipino rice bowls from Lumpia Shack, Indian food via Samesa and recently opened (March 2016) El Meat Hook. 

Berg’n also has some separate rooms in the back for events which is how I discovered Berg’n in the first place by attending a ThinkOlio mini Movie class(3 2hr sessions) on David Lynch classic Mulholland Drive. Of note, if you’re a movie buff check out there website for future events(Kill Bill up next:). Berg’n is a very cool spot that every neighborhood should have. Well worth the track out to Crown Heights for a fun night out.

BERG’N is located at 899 Bergen Street 


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  1. […] Berg’n(899 Bergen Street)Great selection of Craft Brews at their full stocked bar and far superior food vendors like Mighty Quinn’s BBQ make this a great spot to grab your dinner for your movie. Two other vendors I really enjoyed from recently are […]

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