The Pennsy, Penn’s Station new food court opened up back in January, which for the record was so needed here. It’s an awesome space with a half dozen food vendors, indoor and outdoor seating, a bar and a big screen TV. 

I hit Mario by Mary a collaboration between Mario Batali and Mary Guliani that offers four hot and three cold sandwiches, about four soups and some tasty baked goods that include an Espresso Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookie, a Nutella Brownie and an old school Italian Rainbow cookie.   

It was a coin toss between the Italian Cubano and the Muffaletta…the Meatball Hero sounded good too. I went with the Muffaletta. For an extra $3 I got a small bowl of Chicken and Kale soup and I just had to grab an Espresso Sea Salt Chocolate chip cookie for later. To drink they have a number of Italian sodas, but I used the soup as my beverage. 

The Muffaletta was very good with high quality cold cuts, though I do wish it was a bit bigger for the price. The soup for an additional $3 with the sandwich was a steal and was delicious. The cookie I saved for the next day and it is a fresh baked delight with a great balance of flavors. Mario by Mary will be a go to spot when by Penn Station.  

Mario by Mary is located at The Pennsy in 2 Pennsylvania Plaza 


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