Have any Travel plans for biz or pleasure coming up? Feel your current luggage isn’t all it should or could be? While strolling along Spring Street after work I noticed a new store…Raden. Not sure what it was I popped in and found a huge spacious store with beautiful women standing by luggage surrounded by multi-colored luggage adorned walls. 

This luggage company is brand new and literally just released their new line consisting of a 22′ carry-on size piece and a larger one at 28′. The target market is the design savvy high tech Jet-Set. They hired some serious talent from companies like Tumi and Beats and also worked with the TSA(what types of locks to use, etc). These bags ain’t your Parents Travel gear unless your Mom’s name is Lana, your Dad’s Archer and you were born with a Sterling Silver spoon in your mouth. 

Raden’s bags are ultra-light,ultra strong, have double spin wheels, a telescoping handle, waterproof zippers and rock not one but two USB ports powered by a battery(removable) that can charge your Mobile devices (and I’m guessing some cameras) up to 4 times. They also developed an App that can help locate your bag, weigh your bag(this is huge), weather, flight times and yes, you can even call Uber off it. They come in a number of colors including Black, White, Navy, Hunter Green, and Pastel Pink, Blue and Purple. 

Raden’s high-tech luggage sounds like they are perfect for the business Traveller, Free-Lancer, Blogger, and Parents that don’t want their vacation ruined because their little angels tweak out without their screens. 

Since I’m huge on carrying my luggage on …if I were to acquire one would the 22′ be big enough for me or do I wait for the likely inevitable mid size with another couple of inches(insert phrasing a la Archer) that will still fall under many airlines carry-on allowance? Other questions to ponder are; 

How much packing space does one lose to the battery?

I like outside pockets, this bag being hard shell doesn’t have any…

Just how high Tech do I want to go? I already have a handheld charger and a Global Adapter…

Where am I going next and will this piece of luggage be a game changer for me? Decisions, decisions…

Raden’s Pop-Up is located at 72 Spring Street until mid- April 


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