Craft brews by the ounce and James Bond posters on the walls…need I say more, I had to check this place out. Paloma Rocket is not your typical Craft Brew Bar, she differentiates herself dramatically by not so much offering so many craft brews from both Local breweries and those around the world, but from offering the goods on tap via self serve and by the ounce. Yes you read that right. Here’s how it works;

You buy a card($20 minimum) slide it in, pour, drink, wash your glass and repeat. I enjoyed the following brews; Single Cut from Queens, Half Stack IPA,Goose Island Lolita ,a Raspberry Kriek, Ballast Point Kolsch and a Fire Island (Beer Company) born for the beach Blonde with Sea Salt Ale.

Enjoyed them all and best part was that I was able to try them in varying amounts. I love Beer and I’m a huge Bond fan so I think Paloma Rocket (would make a great Bond Girl name:) is a great concept in an awesome looking spot. Plus they are rumored to be adding Wine, Sochi and Sake to the taps which I’m pretty psyched for. Just remember, here if the question of Shaken or Stirred comes up…give your best Bond like grin and say…Poured. 

 Paloma Rocket is located at 7 Clinton  


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