Looking for something a little different, very tasty  and will still be gentle on your wallet and fill you up? How does some Ko-Mex, the oh, so damn good combo of Mexican classics with Korean flavors and ingredients sound to you? 

To start, you choose a bowl, burrito, or salad as your base, then a protein, and top with a sauce. In the case of bowls and burritos choose a rice and if  you go bowl you also get some very tasty veggie sides to pick from. 

I went spicy pork over bacon kimchee fried rice (yes you are that right:) with beet and yams and the Kale and Kimchi cucumber. My cuz went spicy pork with kimchi bacon rice in a burrito. To drink Korchata is good though a bit heavy on the cinnamon. I went Green with Kale, Apples and Cucumber. 

What started out as a very good Food Truck is now a great little Brick n Mortar spot to satisfy your I want something good, but different fusion food cravings.  

Korilla is located at 23 3rd Avenue at Saint Marks Place  


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