While continuing to explore more of the southern end of Williamsburg by Grand Street I came upon Snacky a kitschy Asian Tapas spot decorated with Japanese Animae and Icons with Godzilla, Transformers and Japanese masks adorning the walls and shelves. 

The menu here is huge, a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean small plates, dumplings, Noodle and Rice dishes. It’s so big I grabbed the the beverage menu for drink to help me work my way through it. 

The Sake selection intrigued me, but when I saw they had a Lychee Nut Saketini so I had to try one while . It was tasty, maybe a bit sweet so I saved the lychee marinating in the drink for desert. Just of note, it’s Sake and Lychee juice (no Vodka or Gin) so it’s not packing much of a punch. 

Food wise I decided to start with the Peanut Chili Wonton’s (which turned out to be Chinatown style chengu pork Wonton’s topped with a tasty Thai peanut sauce) and for my entree I choose the Snacky Sauté bowl. Rice makes up the base and its topped with veggies and roast pork topped with spicy mayo. I added a fried egg on top for some more protein. Both were tasty and hit the spot. 

Service at Snacky however can use some work. My Entree not only arrived before the appetizer, the Wonton’s never come out, I had to request them. I was never asked if I wanted another drink, I needed one, or desert and when I finally got the check, I was told no Amex…and then they just walked away. I had to waive the waitress over again to use my Visa. 

Any place can have an off night. I just hope for their sake that’s what this was. I like the Asian Fusion/Tapas menu and do think it’s a fun little spot. 

Snacky is located at 187 Grand Street in Williamsburg


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