Chelsea Market just opened up a new space with a great selection of vendors. The first one I hit was Filaga located all the way in the back, a great spot offering Square Sicilian style pizza by the slice(think Grandma). These slices are loaded with toppings, making them well worth the $5 each.    

With nine choices to choose from it’s not an easy decision. For me it came down to the to the Crudo or the Speck(on top of radicchio, Mozz and red sauce), I went Crudo which is topped with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, fried onions and arugula over Mozz and sauce. Ingredients are fresh and of high quality making a delicious slice. 

To drink they offer a number of Italian sodas and bottled water. If you want to eat in there is bar top seating right in front of the mouthwatering pies or community high tables. Mangiare bene! 

Filaga is located in Chelsea Market at 75 Ninth Avenue


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