I remember when Crowns Heights was a hood that you kept away from. It was a movie class via ThinkOlio held at Berg’n that made me venture forth into the unknown(Read: Asked a friend in my office If he knew of the Beer Hall Berg’n…he “responded cool spot, hood is fine these days”).
Over the course of the last couple of months(and classes on Mulholland Drive and Kill Bill, check ThinkOlio for upcoming classes…shameless plug:) I’ve found a number of spots to grab a coffee and/or a bite before, during or after my movie class.

Cafe Forte (619 St Johns Place) I took a peek inside, loved the Pop Art up on the walls, they had plenty of seating, some tasty looking baked goods and I saw tins of Brooklyn Roasted Company coffee. I ordered an Espresso which was pitch perfect. My go to spot if I have free time to sit down and sketch.

Bagel Pub (775 Franklin Avenue) Great selection of Bagels, Bagel spreads, sandwiches, baked goods, and smoothies etc. I love the Banana Peanut Butter smoothie and their Lox and Scallion Cream Cheese.

The Pulp and the Bean
(809 Franklin Avenue) Tasty coffee along with hot and cold beverages. Baked goods to go with your beverage. I like the special Hot Ginger Tea with Lemon, Honey and Cinnamon.

Rosco’s Pizza
(685 Franklin Avenue)Large selection of slices and pies of traditional Red sauce and Mozz, Grandma style and White Pizza with a wide variety of toppings. Heroes and salads as well. To drink bottled sodas and a nice selection of Craft Beers on tap or just pour some ice water from the pitcher. I had tasty slices of Red sauce and Mozz with carmelized onion, hot pepper and bacon, and a slice of their White with Escarole.

Reservoir Dogs
(717 Franklin Avenue) Great hot dogs and sausages available in a number of varieties and huge selection of toppings. Choose one of their crazy combos, make your own or just go classic:)

(899 Bergen Street)Great selection of Craft Brews at their full stocked bar and far superior food vendors like Mighty Quinn’s BBQ make this a great spot to grab your dinner for your movie. Two other vendors I really enjoyed from recently are

Lumpia Shack(main pic above) offers tasty  Filipino food that you put together in a bowl with a number of bases and proteins to choose from. Of note, hot is hot here.

El Meat Hook is a great spot in Berg’n to grab some grub. Their burger is one of the best under $10 buck burgers I’ve had. I hear the Burritos are tasty as well.

I’m going  to continue to explore this up and coming Brooklyn hood and either add new spots here or create new pieces. If you know of any great spots in Crown Heights please feel free to share them…


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