Do you enjoy going to Wine tastings at Vineyards? Ever been to one in Brooklyn…on a Rooftop? Yes, you read that right, Rooftop Reds is a Vineyard on a Brooklyn rooftop. Of note, it’s the first commercially viable one anywhere.

Rooftop Reds will produce Bordeaux Red varieties that are currently being grown and due for release 2017-18. In the meantime they are working with Finger Lakes producer Point of the Bluff for the tastings and events.

I got together with a group of fellow travelers/local experts from Gogobot see the place for myself while sampling their goods. The event was hosted by Rooftop Reds partners Devin Shomaker and Chris Papalia. They are both very knowledgeable about their craft and what I liked in particular is how they nailed the notes and flavors of the wines simply and to the point. If they said jammy for a Rose or lemony for a Bone Dry Riesling that’s what you got.

We tasted four wines from Point of the Bluff wines along with a couple of bottles Rooftop Reds are doing in the Finger Lakes. We enjoyed the following Vino’s…

Point of the Bluff Bone Dry Riesling – lemony finish, almost Lemoncello like

Point of the Bluff Semi-Dry Riesling -Tangerines, need I say more *

Rooftop Reds Chardonnay – Green Granny Apple, subtle

Point of Bluff Chardonnay – more Green apple-ly(Wine Spectator I hear you calling:)

Point of Bluff Rose – Jammy. If you need a wine to go with your French Toast at Brunch this is it.

Rooftop Reds Cabernet Franc – Cherry, this would make a very good BBQ wine with swine*


I love asking people “what’s new and exciting?” How many respond, “I hit a wine tasting at a vineyard in Brooklyn…on a rooftop” It’s only Monday and I already lost count of “you did what, where? ” Add this to your things to do Summer of 2016 list.

Rooftop Reds is located on Bldg 275 at the Brooklyn Navy Yards

*My favorites

P.S. Before you leave the yard, check out Kings County Distillery  for Whiskey, Bourbon and Moonshine


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  1. […] County Distillery is located at 299 Sands Street P.S. Hit Rooftop Reds to check out their Vineyard on a rooftop right up the street at Bldg […]

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