Kings County Distillery is Brooklyn’s very own distillery crafting Bourbons, Whiskey and Moonshine. Their Gate House just as you enter the Navy Yard acts as a bar/retail outlet. 

While I love Bourbon when I saw Grapefruit Jalepeño infused Whiskey on their menu my decision was made for me, my bud opted for the Honey Moonshine.   While they offer a number of cocktails including Juleps, Manhattans, etc which I like, I wanted to go old school so we manned up and sipped them straight up with water on the side. They were both remarkably smooth.

The interior looks like a really cool farmhouse and is just as suited for a date at a corner table as it is to sip beverage at the bar with the boys. There is also a bar in the back with picnic tables to chill out at. This is a very cool spot and well worth the hike out to. Of note, they also give tours up the block at the actual Distillery in Bldg 92.

Kings County Distillery is located at 299 Sands Street
P.S. Hit Rooftop Reds to check out their Vineyard on a rooftop right up the street at Bldg 275. 


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