Are you a frugal Next-Gen Jet-Setter? Away a new luggage company just opened up a Pop-Up shop in Soho. They offer premium carry-on purpose built luggage for under $250. The piece has a TSA approved lock, compression packing, and a battery to recharge your phone. 

In addition the store has high end goods from Sweden and Japan to make your travels more enjoyable that include blankets, Rain slickers, beauty products and food.

Away is located at Store #4 325 Lafayette Street  


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  1. Katrin says:

    Wow, that’s a cool store! never really understood what pop-up shop means though?

    I see they store Kalles Kaviar and Dalecarlia horses 🙂 Kalles Kaviar is a very Swedish sandwich-spread, if you’re not brought up with the taste I think it’s hard to appreciate it. But hey, you can always learn, right? And isn’t that what travelling is all about? Learning to appreciate new things and new tastes. Or at least try them out 😉

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