I draw just about everyday to keep my creative juices flowing and I’m always on the lookout for “tools of the trade” so to speak. I heard about a shop specializing in Pencils and had to check it out. 

CW Pencil Enterprise is a cute little shop with a huge selection of old school lead pencils from all around the world. They even have a selection of “heritage pencils” in a display case on the wall. In addition they carry a selection of pencil sharpeners, erasers and sketch pads. 

I’m a big fan of Tombow pencils and when I saw they carry here their “professional line” I picked up an HB, 2B and the 4 B, an HB Pencil from Swiss made Caran d’Ache(below are some sketches I did with them) a Technik eraser and a small handheld pencil sharpener for longer points. 

The staff is friendly and they have most of the pencils available to test out. They will even sharpen the pencils you purchase. This is a great little store to find new Pencils to sketch with and for cool non-tech gifts. 

CW Pencil Enterprise is located at 100B Forsyth Street  


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